You've Got Mail is a game about mental resilience during hard times. 

This is a submission for the Games For Change 2021 Student Challenge. 

Dev Notes:

All sprites + animations not listed in the credits are designed and made by me!

Please play this in fullscreen by clicking the blue button in the bottom right hand corner! It'll be cropped otherwise. 

This game is optimized for 1920x1080 screens. 

If you hit the quit button but still want to play the game, reload the page. 


(all found on

"Platformer Tilesets" by Zack Alvarado, licensed CC-BY 3.0:

"City Pixel Tileset" by software_atelier, licensed CC0:

"Pixelart platform Tileset" by fidasx, licensed CC-BY 3.0:

"City Mega Pack" by GrafxKid, licensed CC0:

"City Background Repetitive 3" by Alucard, licensed CC-BY 3.0:

"Super Seasonal Platformer Tiles" by GrafxKid, licensed CC0:

"Urban Landscape" by ansimuz, licensed CC0:


Master Jonald on Youtube: 

Darnu-Pop on Youtube: 

Former on Youtube: 

Please support these creators! They're all extremely talented. 

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